Kelly (reeks_of_liquor) wrote in the_insult_team,

Things that piss me off real good....

People who drive with their brights on, posers, changes for the worse, bad breath, tired, sad, that unsure feeling, sluts, scared, people who drive to slow, people who break when useing the "on ramps", old beer taste, stale smoke smell, infections, regret, little pay checks, jealousy, uncertainty, fear, fleas, fat, waiting around, my 3rd grade teacher, rumors, alone, drama, nose bleeds, the word "gouge", pubic hair, bologna, Walgreen's, dead batteries mixed in with good ones, being broke, to late, pop-ups, screaming children, that fucking emo kid hair cut, waiting by the phone, jell-o with pineapple pieces in it, fruit cake, leg cramps, Anna Nicole Smith, when you ask someone "hey is that salsa real spicy" and they say "no" so you try it and burn your mouth then their like "well, its not hot to me", confusion, misconceptions, dog poop, extreme sports fans (not to be confused with fans of extreme sports, which is ok), being lost in the car and the rage it causes, telemarketers, temps. over 70 degrees, bees, bordem, and breakups.
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